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Apartment, Amsterdam

Opening previously partitioned rooms to create a bright and spacious living area is the governing strategy underlying the complete refurbishment of an apartment in the center of Amsterdam,

The kitchen has been placed in the heart of this space and while it serves as a focal point, is subtly integrated as a furniture feature rather than a pronounced food preparation area.

This subtlety is further articulated in the apartment’s light and material concept. In addition to the re-arrangement of the plan, its opened spaces are bright and airy, and reinforced by sober material qualities, leaving the spaciousness of the living area unchallenged by visual noise. Its delicate illumination concept facilitates indirect lighting conditions that result in a clean and uninterrupted ceiling plane. Depending on mood or occupational demands, different light configuration possibilities enhance the apartment’s flexible neutrality. 

reference thumbnail: Jan Boom, "Marmeren blad", 1984

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