Office revitalisation, Rotterdam

A Rotterdam metal manufacturing company has undergone a decade-long restructuring from a traditional hierarchy to an open company culture which encourages employees to work together to explore and maximize possibilities.

Resonating with the objectives of this commercial renovation an enfilade spatial typology, in which a series of equally-proportioned rooms are sequenced alongside each other, is introduced. Reflecting the objectives of this renovation, there are neither corridors, doors, nor internal glass partitions, but rather a semi-enclosed room structure acoustically reinforced to facilitate focused work in an open, yet structured plan. Each room reflects the same properties in material and dimension, with neutral, sober qualities and a carpet underfoot unobtrusively demarcating individual, but connected space.

A metal ceiling fixture integrates the specific designed light installations and acoustic solutions to complete these individual spatial atmospheres that combine to define the project’s total form.

Although all work areas are punctuated by the same carpet feature, the entrance space is an exception, with its own unique floor covering. A reception desk clad in mirrors further reinforces this focal point, as guests are ushered in to the heart of the metal manufacturing company’s operation.

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