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Huis & Tuin



The former extension of a stately freestanding dike house was falling apart. The living rooms are positioned on level 1, the dike level. A gorgeous garden on the southwest is located on the basement level 0. The conception of the extension focuses on the idea of a transitional sequence of spaces from the living area towards the ground floor.

The main layout of the house is organized in a hierarchical way, consisting of an informal kitchen/ antichambre and a big living room. The extended build space is an extension of these rooms and they merge the rooms together into one big garden room with adjacent terrace.

This house offers a new interpretation of the typical extension, making it into a new, independent element that is able to adapt towards different purposes and needs depending on the events going on, time of the year or condition of the mood. The extension can be seen as uniform shell that is flexible to adjust to the specific situation.

The construction consists of a concrete table construction that carries the garden room, terrace and it’s own weight. The forces are guided towards the foundation by a typical arch construction. The arch provides both a clear connection with the space under the table and, the door towards the basement rooms.

reference thumbnail: John Singer Sarget, "On the Verandah (Ironbound Island, Maine)", 1922.