Private house, Lexmond

The brief for this home addition consisted of an enlargement of the living room and an enhanced connection between interior living spaces and the home’s garden, in order to create a tranquil exterior extension of the main living area for larger family gatherings.

A Roman peristilio serves as an inspiration, and the terrace the seat of the design concept.  Moving from here to the interior, a sheltered, but open perimeter corridor serves as a transitional step from garden, to terrace, to main interior living spaces. Its colonnade structure unifies the rear facades in a tangible, rhythmic cohesion.

The new terrace space is demarcated by the perimeter colonnade structure, and therefore functions as a room bound by three faces, with its fourth an immediate connection to the garden.  From the living room, movement through this sequence of spaces is choreographed on grid, transitioning inward to the (exterior) terrace and garden.  

reference thumbnail: John Williams Waterhouse, "In the Peristyle", 1874