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Barnhouse, Harfsen

Located on a beautiful site in a village in the East of the Netherlands, the home has a northern orientation and looks onto forested surroundings.

Emphasis on the physical and visual connection between the surrounding garden, forest, and the open ground floor living space drives its spatial organisation. The home is effectively opened to these adjacencies; clear sight lines advantageously reinforce long framed views to merge interior and exterior.

The domestic program is organised compactly such that its various rooms are distributed to benefit from proximity; program is complimentary and accessible. The home office connects fluidly with adjacent rooms; slide one door open after the next, and occupants may walk a continuous circuit around the ground floor. A centrally-positioned volume divides these interior spaces, and also provides service functions.

Sleeping and bathing areas are located on the first floor, and its more private, partitioned character contrasts with the openness of the main living area. One gesture extends the ground floor’s fluid language to the first floor: a void over the ground floor kitchen draws a visual connection to a first floor workspace. 

reference thumbnail: Francois Barraud Francais, ''Paysage de labour'', 1929

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