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Våler Kirke


Våler Kirke

The former Våler Church is burned down in 2007. This typical wooden Norwegian stave church was a remarkable icon along the road in Våler. The Våler church is part of a graveyard, in the bigger scale one of the essential public facilities in a small village.

The new church is a place for commemoration, weddings, funerals and weekly church activities. The idea for this building is based on the classical archetype of the stave church. The stave church is characterized as a vertical stacking of different roof surfaces. But rather then distributing the required program under one vertical roof, the roof is horizontality spread out upon the entire building, as a continuous shelter.

Additional to the program to re-assembly the classic Christian church, a patio is introduced. This element of tranquility emphasizes the spiritual connection as being more disconnected with the physical public realm and it improves a more spiritual state of mind. 

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